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The Hoglympics (AKA the battle between Hogs) is a next-gen crypto metaverse project incorporating esports with the Solana blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralized finance to produce an immersive, play-to-earn Olympic soccer game.

As the project’s name suggests, eventually, the platform will offer room for other distinguished Olympic Games to be hosted. For the time being, we’re excited to launch our arcade game soon of the most popular sport in the world, soccer.


Build the ultimate Hoglympics soccer team and rise through the League system, actively earning our token in the process, contending in future tournaments, and attaining the recognition to participate in the annual championship.

Your classic game starts with selecting 4 Hogs per team, each playing a different position. The following roles are available per team: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, or Striker. A game typically lasts for ten minutes, consisting of two halves, with plenty of turns for both parties. Each game must conclude with a winning team! Otherwise, a penalty shoot-out will serve as the deciding factor.

You can also use our platform to earn more passively. Matches are played between the two teams in Stadiums, owned by players, and can be watched by other players, known as viewers. Stadium owners are rewarded for each game they host, while viewers earn through supporting the team that ends up winning the game. Players own Hogs and Stadiums in the form of NFTs, and the in-game currency is known as Hoglympics token ($HOGS).


1. Training: Training mode to hone your Hog’s general skills.

2. Hognations: A normal match in which multiple players control each team while representing a country. Win points on behalf of your country and earn in the process. Which country has earned the most points after the season ends? Your contribution certainly won’t go unnoticed!

3. Ultimate Team: A highly competitive 4v4 game mode where each player controls their entire team. Winning games consistently awards you special League Points (LP) and a higher league over time, introducing greater rewards per game that you win and other benefits. You can even give your team a custom name.


Hoglympics has a ranking system called the League system. In basic terms, it enables people to play with their equals in a competitive environment. Additionally, it incentivizes them to become better players and enjoy the benefits of playing at a higher rating. The League system is based on six tiers that indicate players’ expertise level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinium, Diamond, and Master. Players within each division are ranked using a system of points called League Points (LP). 

Every time a player wins a match, LP is earned, and the distance between the next tier gets closer. For now, the League system itself only applies to the Ultimate Team game mode. Hognations game mode uses a separate leaderboard, but players aren’t necessarily playing against opponents of equal skill. Playing Hognations game mode will be rewarding in its own way but less competitive.


Hogs is a collection of unique and 3D-designed Ethereum NFTS, with every NFT being more fierce than the other to grow into a Hoglympic champion.  A Hog’s rarity impacts their skills and capacity to perform special moves in a game. HOGS are very dirty and selfish, never on your side to be your best friend. The only thing they care about is winning $HOGS!

Clearly, Hog NFTs aren’t just praised because of their handsome looks. Use your Hogs’ strengths to form a well-balanced team worthy of contesting in our upcoming P2E Hoglympics game and earn in the process. 


When you buy a HOG, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a provably-rare piece of art. You are gaining membership access to a club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your HOG can serve as your digital identity and open digital doors for you.

  • HOG NFT Holders gain early access to P2E Game;
  • Rent the NFT HOG to other users for a fixed fee;
  • Lend the HOG NFTs and earn a commission from their earnings;
  • Presale value retention as Hog NFTS will be priced higher on the live game compared to the early mint price;
  • First drop NFT owners to receive 5% monthly passive income until the Beta launch of the game.

10,000 Provably-rare Bored Ape tokens

Fair Launch, fair distribution: All apes cost 0.08 ETH

Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT

The Bathroom: A member's-only graffiti board

Gain additional benefits through roadmap activations

Partners & Backers

Hog NFTs

Our Mission

An exhilarating play-to-earn (P2E) Olympic soccer game on Solana that is easy to pick up yet hard to master. As the platform develops, more games will be added to the Hoglympics.

Hoglympics aims to drive innovation in the gaming sector and acceptance of blockchain usage by effectively combining gaming with blockchain technology to create immersive Olympic Games, allowing players to earn both actively and passively.

With a team of entrepreneurs, graphic artists, and game developers from different countries, we will lead this huge project to create massive value in the cryptocurrency space.

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Development Milestones 

Seed and Private Sale


Public Sale

Hog NFT Drop

Liquidity Program


In-Game Store and Marketplace

Breeding Season

NEW Game Mode : Training


NEW Game Mode : Hognations

Stadium NFT Drop


NEW Game mode: Ultimate Team

Construction Season

League System


Tournament and Annual Championship


The Hoglympics is a next-gen crypto metaverse project, combining esports with the Solana blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralized finance to deliver an immersive, play-to-earn Olympic soccer game.

Your classic Hoglympics game is played between two teams, with 4 Hogs on every team, filling the roles of a Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, or Striker. Each game must conclude with a winning team (that scored the most goals)! You can enhance your Hogs’ skills and in-game performance by training them as normal athletes do.

When a game is finished, $HOGS is split and distributed from the treasury among the winning team (75%), the Stadium owner (17.5%), and the viewers who have rooted for the winning team (7.5%).

The in-game currency fueling the game’s economy, Hoglympics token (better known as $HOGS), lies at the foundation of our metaverse.

Players use $HOGS for breeding new Hogs, constructing new Stadiums, and purchasing consumable items in the game’s store relevant to Hog owners, Stadium owners, and viewers.

You will be able to obtain $HOGS by buying it from the DEX, opening loot boxes, completing missions, winning matches (including special events), being a viewer, or hosting games in Stadiums.

Our final sale is organized under the roof of our very own platform. In due time, you will learn all details regarding the IDO.

Our backers make up just a third of our private sale. In fact, we don’t intend on excluding the regular investor from our private sale. Many projects choose to allocate a significant portion of their (private) presale to just a handful of establishment suits and VCs. By doing so, they leave a tiny piece for the average Joe that literally has to wage a war over a $100 allocation.

All in all, it creates an unequal distribution of tokens that only benefits those who attempt to continue getting ahead of us.

If you’re interested in access to the private sale, you can already sign up for the private sale back office.

Hoglympics has a ranking system called the League system. In simple words, it enables people to play with their equals in a competitive environment. For now, the League system itself only applies to the Ultimate Team game mode.

It is based on six tiers that indicate players’ expertise level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. Every time a player wins a match, League Points (LP) are earned, and the distance between the next tier gets closer.

A player’s success in the League system influences their earning capacity over time. Players build their ultimate Hoglympics team consisting of 4 Hogs and match players of a similar skill level to play against each other, hoping to win as many games and ultimately climb the ranked ladder for increased rewards.

You can buy a Hog NFT by participating in the upcoming NFT drop shortly after our TGE. The sale will offer a set number of Hogs to be sold at an undecided price. Your Hog’s rarity is determined at random, but it goes straight to your wallet after minting it.

Similar to the first issuance of the Hog NFTs, we will organize an NFT drop for the Stadiums, but instead, it will be right after the release of our Hognations game mode (later this year).

Please kindly view our documentation portal at docs.hoglympics.com. Also, don’t forget to check out the Discord server or communicate with us via Telegram, where any of the mods will be glad to help you.

Please write an email to info@hoglympics.com for your general questions. As for partnership, marketing, or other business-related inquiries, please correspond with business@hoglympics.com instead. Finally, for private sale matters, you can reach us through private@hoglympics.com.

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